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IT Systems Admin ( Weekend Bootcamp )

The IT Systems Admin Bootcamp is an intensive one-weekend training program designed to fast-track your IT career. Gain essential skills in hardware, software, networking fundamentals, troubleshooting, and IT security. With hands-on learning, experienced instructors, and career support services, this bootcamp provides a comprehensive foundation for launching or advancing your IT support career.


  • College students

  • CompTIA Certification recipients


1-weekend bootcamp Saturday & Sunday:

10 am - 6 pm


500$ one-time fee


  • Introduction and course overview: Kickstart with an industry overview and the diverse roles it offers.

  • Hardware and Software Basics: Learn the essentials of computer hardware and software.

  • Networking Fundamentals: Understand the rudiments of computer networks and IP addressing.

  • Troubleshooting and Security: Master troubleshooting techniques and get an introduction to IT security.

  • Live Labs: Hands-on experience with reallife problem-solving using virtual machines.


  • Recap and Advanced Networking: Review Day 1 and delve deeper into advanced networking concepts.

  • Advanced Troubleshooting: Learn to diagnose complex IT issues.

  • Career Prep: Participate in mock interviews, get personalized resume feedback, and learn job-hunting strategies.

  • LinkedIn/Indeed Insights and Q&A: Learn to leverage online platforms for job search and have your final queries addressed.

  • Wrap-Up: Recap of key takeaways and advice for a successful career in IT support.

The course emphasizes continuous learning, customer service skills, and proficiency in remote support tools, equipping you for a successful IT career.

For additional support,  join our Job Placement/Mentorship Program.


  • Completion of a two-day intensive course provides foundational knowledge in hardware, software, and networking, including advanced concepts.

  • Participants will acquire robust troubleshooting skills, essential for effective IT support.

  • A primary understanding of IT security will be established, fostering the importance of protection in the digital landscape.

  • The course includes practical, hands-on labs to simulate real-world IT problems, promoting experiential learning.

  • Extensive guidance will be provided on effective job-hunting strategies, optimizing utilization of LinkedIn and prominent job search platforms like Indeed.

  • Participants will receive personalized feedback on mock interviews and resume crafting, enhancing their readiness for the competitive IT job market.

  • By harmonizing technical skill acquisition with job market insights, the course serves as an effective springboard for a prosperous career in IT support.


Enroll in our IT Systems Admin Bootcamp today and take the first step towards a rewarding journey in the IT industry!

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