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DMV IT is more than an IT institute. We are your mentors, friends, and advisors. We strive for your success, certification, and dream job. With DMV IT, you join a professional family.

Drawing on a Board

Our courses

At DMV IT Service, we offer top-quality courses led by industry experts, providing comprehensive training to equip individuals with the skills they need to succeed in the technology-driven world. From beginner to advanced levels, our diverse range of courses ensures that there is something for everyone. Join us to unlock new opportunities and enhance your skills with our expert-led training programs.

FREE IT Training

Join our free IT training sessions every weekend! Explore a variety of topics like cyber security, networking, entry-mid level IT/cyber security jobs, job search and interview strategies, practical labs and much more! We'll also offer Python programming classes every other weekend. Perfect for students seeking career guidance or unsure about their IT path. Don't miss the chance to learn something new each weekend!

Next starting date: Every Weekend!

Cost: FREE

C o m p T I A  C S I S  C e r t i f i c a t e  C o u r s e

Our 14-week CompTIA CSIS Course covers CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ curriculum, providing an understanding of IT fundamentals, networking, and security. The course includes practical workplace training, interview preparation, and job placement assistance. Perfect for anyone aiming to gain IT industry skills and certifications.

Next starting date: November 1, 2023

Cost: $4200. Installment options/Scholarships available. Contact us!

IT Systems Admin (Weekend Bootcamp)

The IT Systems Admin Weekend Bootcamp is a comprehensive two-day course focusing on hardware, software, and networking fundamentals, in addition to advanced troubleshooting. It features live labs for hands-on experience and career preparation sessions, including mock interviews and job-hunting strategies. This course is tailored for those aiming to thrive in IT support.

Next starting date: October 21-22

Cost: $500

Job Placement Assistance/Mentorship Program

This program offers personalized support for individuals pursuing IT careers. Services include mock interviews, job hunting assistance, career coaching, mentorship, and networking opportunities. It provides active promotion of your resume to recruiters and ensures a smooth transition into new roles. This program is tailored to maximize your career prospects.

Next starting date: Join Anytime!

Cost: $50 one-time fee. *Post job placement fee applies.

Data Science with Python Course

The Data Science with Python course is a structured program comprising five key levels: programming fundamentals, statistical analysis, data wrangling, data visualization, and machine learning. Skills acquired are applied in a real-world data science project. With expert instruction and a comprehensive curriculum, it provides a strong foundation for a rewarding career in data science and machine learning.

Next starting date: TBD

Cost: $1000/level.

IT at Private Institutes

Our Islamic School Tech Initiative is designed specifically for private Islamic institutes, harmoniously merging religious studies with cutting-edge IT education. Tailored to fit within the academic year, sessions are held 1-2 times weekly, ensuring a paced and thorough grasp of the curriculum. With our deep knowledge of Islamic educational settings, we focus on delivering IT fundamentals and real-world tech insights. However, our program is versatile and can be adapted for any private educational institute (not just Islamic schools), ensuring a tailored experience for all. Upon graduation, students will be tech-savvy and ready for the industry, all while staying true to the principles of deen. Trust in our expertise to guide students toward a balanced and prosperous career path.

Next starting date: N/A

Cost: Varies

Corporate IT Training

At our Corporate IT Training hub, we specialize in elevating your team's tech prowess. Designed specifically for businesses, our courses offer employees the chance to gain certification in CompTIA Security+ and receive annual cyber awareness training. Through classes that delve deep into crucial topics like phishing and social engineering, we ensure your team is primed to tackle today's digital challenges. While our emphasis is on security, our flexible training modules can be customized to fit any corporate need. Equip your workforce with us and ensure they stand resilient against cyber threats, all while enhancing their professional growth.

Next starting date: N/A

Cost: Varies

Our Community
Tech Club by DMV IT

We are building a vibrant community at the DMV IT Service Tech Club, where tech enthusiasts of all levels are welcomed. From students to experienced professionals, our community connects on Discord to exchange ideas, learn from industry professionals, and tap into curated job opportunities. With regular meet-ups, enlightening guest speaker sessions, personalized career advice, and robust Q&A sessions, we foster an environment for continuous learning and networking. Embark on this journey with us and amplify your potential in the technology domain.

Why us?

Career Counseling

We will make sure we guide you to the right path to success in the IT industry


Our courses are very affordable compared to other institutes in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area!

Fully Online

All of the classes are held online and they are recorded for students to review.

Personal Support

Aside from class time, we are always available for one-on-one support to ensure your success.

Workplace Training

We provide proper Workplace Training to ensure you are fully prepared for your career!

Job Placement Assistance

We assist you with Resume Enhancement and guide you to find your dream job!


Kazi Rashed, Student

The training was excellent with good interactions. The recording facility is excellent for revising. The course was hands on lab-based and informative. Workplace readiness sessions were really helpful. Well-provided study materials and related videos. Most importantly, they are extremely supportive regarding getting you onboard into a job. Thanks so much for facilitating me this awesome 3 months roller-coaster journey.
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