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We take pride in the quality of our work and are always looking for talented, motivated individuals that are passionate about what they do.

Drawing on a Board

DMV IT Service is actively seeking companies to partner with to provide one of our expertise - IT staffing and recruitment! We work with private, and government agencies of all sizes around the nation to fulfill their staffing and recruitment needs. We thrive in finding the perfect match for our clients while ensuring employees are placed in positions that align well with their previous experience, and future career goals! Our mission is to ensure our clients, and candidates are fully satisfied with our service, which we aim to achieve through professionalism, transparency, and flexibility!



We will meet with you and other organizational stakeholders to learn more about your current hiring process, current and upcoming projects, opening, and other essential factors. This step is crucial to ensure we are a good fit for your specific needs and long-term goals!


We have a competitive advantage that many of our competitors do not. Aside from Staffing, we are also an IT Training Institute, which means we are continuously training students and getting them job-ready! Additionally, we constantly connect and assess potential candidates from various job boards. Our recruiters and account managers will hand-pick candidates from an internal and external database to present to your company who have the exact skill set you are looking for.

3. Candidate Presentation

We recognize the value of your time! To ensure we can move forward with the perfect candidate for your organization, we initially present you with only 2-3 candidates. Based on your feedback, we will modify our search as needed. Additionally, we provide you with all the resources necessary to make a bold decision before moving forward with a candidate. We want to make sure you can focus on your business objectives while we tackle your staffing needs!

4. Interview

We are here to manage the interview and hiring process from A to Z. We will coordinate all interviews and meetings around your busy schedule. To ensure we stay true to the candidates and employers, we are always transparent with both parties regarding pay rates, procedures, and everything in between. Additionally, we ensure proper communication with our candidates to understand their financial and career goals better!

Partner With Us

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Free Consultation

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Candidates with hands-on experience in Helpdesk, Desktop Support, Systems or Network Engineering, IT Security, Security Operations, Security Controls as well as Project Management or Risk Management Consulting are highly encouraged to apply. DMV IT offers competitive pay, benefits, and the probability to impact innovation in IT Industry. If any of these positions interest you, or you have any questions about the company please contact us at

Come Work With Us

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Individuals that are looking to enter the fields of Information Technology or currently seeking opportunities to enhance their current skill sets to land a better opportunity, please visit our IT Training Institute page, and we will map out an IT career roadmap leading to your success.

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