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Our Team

At DMV IT Service LLC, we understand that embracing change isn't always easy. Since 2019, we've been assisting businesses of all sizes and individuals from all backgrounds to respond to industry shifts and maintain competitiveness.

Our years of experience have taught us to prioritize your business success above all.

Our team of experts stands ready to help you devise strategies that ensure not just survival, but prosperity in the future.


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Mohammad Alam

Alam is an experienced IT professional with over six years of experience working with DOD, DOJ, HHS, and other government agencies. He has also worked in the Cyber Security field for over four years, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry.

As a Cyber Security enthusiast, he holds some of the leading certifications and continuously explores new tools and technologies to contribute to the cyber security community.
Alam has an open-minded approach and utilizes proven techniques to ensure that his students stay relevant in the industry. He implements new strategies to keep his partners safe from outside threats. In his free time, he enjoys exploring nature, hiking, and discovering new places.

Billy Book
Director of Education & Outreach

Billy Book is a cyber defense operator who currently serves on Active Duty in the United States Air Force. He enlisted at 18 to serve, travel, and find opportunity, from his home in Ohio he left for Basic Training and shortly after arrived in England at his first assignment. He has nearly 6 years of experience in System Engineering and currently serves as the Assistant Course Director for the Air Force’s Combat Communications Formal Training Unit. With a passion for people and a thirst for knowledge, he brought his talents to DMV IT Institute to develop the next generation of System Engineering Experts. In his free time, Billy spends time with his wife and daughter, reads, works on his motorcycle, and enjoys playing sports.


Amira Bezine
Marketing & Sales Manager

Amira is a software engineer with a background in marketing. She now works as an SEO manager combining her business skills with her expertise in software engineering. Additionally, she is an experienced marketing manager. She believes that even the best ideas can fail if they are not marketed well. In keeping with our students' and customers' needs, she creates and executes marketing strategies. As well as running her own business, she has previously worked for numerous companies. She ensures that our clients' expectations are met at all times. In addition to her IT and marketing job, Amira is passionate about astronomy and the universe!


Ismail Adem

Ismail is a highly experienced Information Technology and Cyber Security instructor with over ten years of teaching expertise. In addition to his teaching background, Ismail has a remarkable fifteen-year track record as a Network Engineer in various reputable organizations. Ismail takes immense pride and pleasure in teaching and mentoring students to help them thrive and achieve success. He believes in hands-on training and visual learning to encourage students to excel rather than merely memorizing textbooks. Ismail strongly believes in forging connections with each student, making their time at DMV IT Institute a remarkable and memorable one! In his leisure time, Ismail loves to spend time with his friends and family.


Zawad Zahid

Zawad is an experienced IT Infrastructure Operations and Enterprise Architecture professional with over five years of experience in government and private organizations, including the US Department of Defense, The World Bank Group, and American Institutes for Research. He holds a degree in Information Systems Management and possesses certifications in Cloud Solutions Architecture and Cyber Security.
As an entrepreneur with a passion for IT management and helping others, Zawad co-founded DMV IT Service with the mission of assisting students in achieving their career goals in IT and helping businesses with their technological needs. He is also the founder of a non-profit organization that supports families in need along with other entities.
Zawad is an avid car and bike enthusiast and enjoys traveling with friends and family.


Sherry Vittel

Sherry is an accomplished professional with over a decade of experience in business growth strategy and project management. She graduated from the University of Virginia and is passionate about mentoring students during her free time. With her expertise, Sherry is a skilled collaborator and is adept at identifying new opportunities for business growth, whether for established organizations or startups. Sherry strongly believes that business development is critical for the health of any organization and enjoys seeing businesses thrive by identifying and addressing problem areas. When not at work, Sherry is an avid aquarium hobbyist and takes pleasure in observing growth within her various aquascapes.


Becem Ben Daly
Software Engineer

Bacem is a highly motivated and talented software engineer who has made his mark in the industry with his exceptional web development skills and content creation abilities. With over three years of experience in the field, he has worked with various clients, ranging from direct clients to small businesses, to build their websites and manage their social media channels. At DMV IT Service, Bacem played a critical role in building our website and preparing content for our courses. He firmly believes that there is always room for improvement in any product and that it is an infinite run behind idealization. This mindset has led him to explore new technologies and techniques, and to constantly challenge himself to stay ahead of the curve in his field.


Why us?

We are a small company, built on trust, love, and care. We started with one goal in mind: provide exceptional support and service - let it be for students, employees, or our clients!

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