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Our Team

At DMV IT Service LLC, we understand that change is not always easy. Since 2019, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes, and individuals of all respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive.

Our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority.

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving but thriving in the future.

Give us a call today to set up your first consultation.

Mohammad Alam

Alam is an IT professional bringing over six years of experience from DOD, DOJ, HHS, and other Government agencies along with 4+ years of experience in the Cyber Security field. A Cyber Security enthusiast with some of the leading certifications in the industry and constantly experimenting with new tools and technologies to give back to the cyber security community. Open-minded individuals use proven techniques for our students to stay relevant in the industry and implement new strategies to keep our partners safe from outside threats. Alam enjoys nature, hiking, and exploring new places in his free time.

Ismail Adem
Lead Instructor

Ismail is a seasoned Information Technology and Cyber Security instructor with over ten years of experience. In addition to teaching, Ismail has over year fifteen years of experience as a Netowork Engineer in various reputable organization. Ismail finds joy in teaching and mentoring students to inspire, motivate, and thrive for their success. He believes in hands-on training and visual learning rather than memorizing textbooks. He enjoys creating connections with each student, making their time at DMV IT Institute a memorable one! Aside from his professional life, Ismail loves spending time with his friends and family in his free time.


Zawad Zahid

Zawad is an IT Infrastructure Operations/Enterprise Architecture professional with more than five years of experience in non-profit and private organizations such as the American Institutes for Research and The World Bank Group. Zawad’s educational background is in Information Systems Management, with Cloud Solutions Architecture and Cyber Security certifications. Given his entrepreneurial mindset, experience in IT Management, and passion for helping others, he co-founded DMV IT Service. Zawad’s mission is to assist students in achieving their careers in IT while assisting businesses with their technological needs. He also founded a non-profit organization to help families in need, among other entities. Zawad is a car/bike enthusiast and enjoys traveling as much as possible.

Sherry Vittel

Sherry is a master collaborator with over ten years of experience in business growth strategy and project management. A graduate of the University of Virginia (Go Hoos!), she enjoys mentoring students in her free time. Sherry creates connections and identifies new business growth opportunities for both established businesses and new startups. Since Sherry believes that business development is the heart of a healthy business, she finds it extremely rewarding to see a business grow based on pinpointing problem areas, implementing solutions, and reporting on the growth. As an avid aquarium hobbyist, Sherry also finds pleasure in observing growth within her various aquascapes.


Amira Bezine
Marketing & Sales Manager

Amira is a software engineer with a background in marketing. She now works as an SEO manager combining her business skills with her expertise in software engineering. Additionally, she is an experienced marketing manager. She believes that even the best ideas can fail if they are not marketed well. In keeping with our students' and customers' needs, she creates and executes marketing strategies. As well as running her own business, she has previously worked for numerous companies. She ensures that our clients' expectations are met at all times. In addition to her IT and marketing job, Amira is passionate about astronomy and the universe!

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Why us?

We are a small company, built on trust, love, and care. We started with one goal in mind: provide exceptional support and service - let it be for students, employees, or our clients!

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